While you are waiting :  You might experience the unexpected. 

We don’t know what’s coming or when. We can plan , we can predict and can prepare ourselves waiting for the next venture to unfold before us. By Shajiya Khanom    Everyone is waiting for something constantly. Healing? Promotion? Opportunities? Marriage? Academic results? Job? No matter what you are waiting for, it is always hard […]

Searching for Inner peace : Strategies to find balance in life !

We should understand how priceless life is. Only then can be balance between our do’s and our don’ts.  By Shajiya Khanom A few days back I found an article when I was looking for reading materials for the idea, “how and where people can find happiness and peace” on the internet. Something this article showed […]

Surround yourself with the bold and the beautiful…

There are so many voices and so many words we’ll hear in our lives. Carefully choose the voices you’ll allow into your ears and your heart.  By Shajiya khanom It seems like these days, people are always in a mood to judge. Judge others for any reason they can think of. Remember that our words […]