For me the  most difficult part was “ ACCEPT” the reality at the beginning for any instances. Eventually I have accepted it , surprisingly i have found my life so unique and meaningful more than ever.

By Shajiya Khanom 

I know everything is not fine in life ,having a pleasant life always not depends on your good deeds. But only hard work , dedication & determination can make it better . I also believe sometimes the past just catches up with you whether you want it to or not. Dear readers, today’s writing it is all about me. Though very briefly ,i have tried to enlighten you all how i accepted my life’s  journey and let me grow both in good times and in bad times.

Hi readers! My name is Shajiya Khanom. I am a freelance Architect, a wife, a full time mom to a six year old and an aspiring social worker. I love photography, painting, gardening, writing short stories, and sports. I do not consider these activities my hobbies, but as my inspiration to live life everyday to the fullest.

In my school days, I wasn’t much of a fun loving girl. I was quiet and reserved. For me, growing up in a middle class conservative family and having to deal with all types of crucial family and social issues was really challenging. From going to school to college, from college to University, then having to get a job, get married, and have children – I had always understood that being alive meant the show must go on in the way we believe it was meant to. Eventually I learned that life could get harder as my responsibilities grew. I have accepted my life as it is, though I have changed my attitude towards it. I take advice from others, learn lessons from my experiences, and then make decisions based on what I feel is right.

How time flies !

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